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What are the pros and cons of metal roofs?


Want to replace your roof, and you are considering to get metal roofs? Considering longevity, maintenance and budget, metal roofs can look like a lucrative choice but hold your horses! Before you fixate on metal roofs, it is essential to weigh out the pros and cons of metal roofs versus other types of roofs.

We have listed out and explained the pros and cons of metal roofs for your convenience! So, what are the pros and cons of metal roofs? Let’s find out:

Pros of metal roofs

Easy to install and cost-efficient in the long run

Metal roofs are comparatively easier and faster to install than other types of roofs. They come in 12 -26-inch panels or multiple-shingle section so a trained professional can easily install it in a short time. While metal roofs are expensive at first, but considering the maintenance costs, they are more cost-effective than any other type of roofs!

Durable and lightweight

Metals are very durable materials, and the metal roof weighs about 4 – 7 kilograms per square meter compared to tiles which weigh around 29 – 73 kilograms per square meter. This reduces the load on the supporting structures of your house, and therefore you can also save money on support structures.

Fire resistant

Metals are non- combustible; hence, they do not catch fire. Although they get heated quickly, they do not catch fire. However, the fire protection is applicable in the cases of external sources; if the fire has started from within the house, metal roofs won’t be of much help.

Cons of metal roofs

Expensive Initial cost

Metal roofs are cost-effective but are very expensive to install at first. The average cost for a metal roof installation ranges from $5000 to $35000. Again, if you manage to get metal roofs, you will be saving a lot of money for the repairs!

Dents easily

This is one of the most significant drawbacks as your shiny new roof will not be that shiny anymore! Large hailstones, branches or any foreign object that falls on your roof will dent it. The denting however depends upon the type of metal that you use. Aluminium and copper roofs have a higher chance of getting dent than a steel roof.


Another annoying con of metal roofs is the noise. While it can be pleasant to hear the rain falling on your roof from time to time, hearing it every day will not make it sound that good! The otherwise quiet roof becomes quite a bit noisy during rainfall, hailstorms or in case your cat decided to take a stroll on the roof!

Weighing out the pros and cons of metal roofs is one thing but choosing the best roof for you is another. The choice of whether to get or to not get a metal roof entirely depends upon your budget, plans and preference. So make sure you take your time and pick the right type of roof for you!

Also as a pro tip, be sure to check the roof styling of the houses in your locality too. It might be perfect for getting the metal roof in some areas while in others you might be better off with another type of roof.