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Is metal roofing energy efficient?

Repair roof

Okay, it’s time to replace your old and ragged roof? What comes to your mind first? Probably Shingles. Yes, you are not alone as the majority of people think shingles as the best or only option when it comes to roof replacement.

As you hover through this article, we will try to suggest otherwise. I hope we can help you make the educated decision as you reach the ending lines of this informational blog. The thing is, Asphalt retains heat, deteriorates, and supports unhealthy growths of moss and lichens. Also, they cost more in exchange for your comfortable home in the summer. This time why not explore the utilization of metal?

As soon as the metal roofing topic pops up, people automatically think about the old and corrugated tin sheds that were once popular. Just thinking about those ugly, noisy, and non-efficient pieces of metal makes us cringe to our cores. But the good news is, there are several other metal options on the market today. Metal roofing has expanded its horizons to steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel and landed its spot on the list of roofs that provide durability and attractiveness.

Yes, Metal Roofing is Efficient and here’s why

Metal roofing costs a lot at the time of installation in comparison to the traditional asphalt roofing. If you look past that, you are aiding a lot to your life for an extended period. The durability span of metal roofing elongates through a range of 40-70 years while the asphalt shingle roofs only have 20 years give or take. Also, metal roofing requires less maintenance which in turn helps in saving expenses.

Let’s talk about actual statistics now. Metal Roofing Alliance has reported that a house with a metal roof saves up to 40% during summer, which would otherwise increase due to cooling energy costs. The logic behind these numbers is simple. A metal roof can demonstrate reflective properties when coated. They will reflect sunlight rather than emitting it as heat.

However, there is a trick behind this. Several metal roofing materials come pre-coated, and we have to choose between different coatings before buying. Each one has varying levels of reflective properties. This property is known as emissivity among professionals which indicates the contribution to energy efficiency. Moreover, metal roofing has proven itself eco-friendly over time. They are comprised of 30-60 percent of recycled materials and still provide recycling options after replacement.

There is also the aesthetics of metal roofing that make them accessible among perfectionists. They come in panel or shingle form and different colors. They go well with both modern and rustic architectural designs. One thing we have to pay attention to is choosing a more efficient roofing and the whole assembly of it. These include things like decking, insulation, and many other things. To ensure the entire system has proper insulation, always hire licensed and experienced metal roofing companies. It is your roof you are talking about, never take chances.